Vermiculite is a naturally occurring but rarely occurring mineral, which is used both as raw vermiculite in different grain sizes and as further processed material. For the production of plates and moldings, exfoliated vermiculite is mixed with special binders, if necessary also with further additives (eg ash, lime) and pressed into plates or molded parts and then dried.

Vermiculite panels with a density of 600-700 kg / m³ and a maximum application temperature of 1,100 C are commonly used in stoves and boilers. Due to the good mechanical strength, the plates are also suitable for linings of the combustion chamber, insulation of doors and lids.

Vermiculite sheets are also used in the aluminum industry (also suitable for direct contact with aluminum) as well as steel industry.

Vermiculite plates can be processed into different shapes. This is done exactly according to customer request and specification.

Vermiculite Platten


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