We develop and supply heat protection and insulation products in the high temperature range as well as steelworks and foundries for various industries.

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Product overview

Ceratec GmbH High Temperature Resistant Products Products Refractory 11 | Ceratec GmbH

High temperature resistant textiles

Large variety of high-temperature-resistant textiles for a wide variety of uses.

Ceratec GmbH Bellows Bellows Compensators Compensator Products Fireproof 11 | Ceratec GmbH

Bellows and compensators

Ceratec GmbH is one of the leading Austrian manufacturers of bellows and fabric expansion joints of all kinds.

Ceratec GmbH Calcium Silicate Boards Products Refractory 11 | Ceratec GmbH

Calcium silicate boards

Calcium silicate boards are designed for maximum application temperatures of up to 1,100 C and offer excellent insulating properties.

fiber products

A wide range of different fiber products can be used in the high temperature range up to 1600 C.

Ceratec GmbH Steel Fiber Steel Needle Products Refractory 11 | Ceratec GmbH

Steel fiber

Steel fiber needles are used as an additive in refractory concretes in order to control and minimize the formation of cracks.

Ceratec GmbH Wear-Resistant Products Refractory 11 | Ceratec GmbH

Wear-resistant products

In our range for the wire and cable industry you will find wire and thread guides, deflection and wire guide rollers, drawing tools, contact tubes and machine spare parts.

Ceratec GmbH Other Products Products Refractory 11 | Ceratec GmbH

Special products

From plastic sealing cords, vermiculite sheets, adhesives and sealing compounds to refractory stones and polypore fibers.

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